April 28, 2020

UV Sterilization system for Nestlé factory

Project Information

Project’s name: UV Sterilization system for Nespresso factory

Investor: Nestlé

Time: January 2015

Location: Nespresso Factory, Avanche, Switzerland

Items: Providing UV water sterilization system at the factory

The problem of Nestlé

  • Huge water fee every month for drinking and daily usage
  • Desire to make use of natural water like rainwater for daily activities like cleaning, flushing toilets and even drinking water

Product apply

  • 3 sterilization systems by UV UB2-2
  • Flow: each system is 25m3 / h
  • UV lamp power: 200W
  • European standard: based on 96% UVT and 400J / m2
  • Reactor is made of high standard SUS316L
  • Operating pressure PN10
  • Easy-to-install design, UV sensor and control panel equipped with alarm signal

How did Delton solve the problem?

  • Sterilize rainwater into potable water for the whole factory employees
  • Saving water cost for the factory
  • Cut down on costs of bottled drinking water
  • Reduce plastic waste, protect the environment
  • The system is compact, easy to install, easy to maintain, does not take up much space due to the integrated design of the control panel and UV light. In addition, there is also a UV sensor to monitor the UV lamp.