April 28, 2020

Fresh water treatment for CB133 Coffee Shop

Project information

Project’s name: Fresh water treatment for CB133 Coffee shop

Investor: CB133

Time: October 2019

Location: District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project: providing and installing water purifier for CB133 Coffee shop

The problem of CB133

Need a water purifier with the capacity that is enough for all usage for shop such as expresso machine, hot water machine, ice maker, 2 tap water…

Water must meet the high standard for a qualified coffee taste

Product apply

UV4ALL Water Purifier

Flow rate: 17L/min

UV lamp power: 20W

European standard, based on 96% UVT and 400J/m2

How did Delton solve the problem?

Purify enough water for all usage such as espresso machine, hot water, ice maker, 2 water taps…

Water meets QCVN06 standard