April 22, 2020

Fresh water treatment for Aerotact factory, Tay Ninh Province

Nowadays, companies pay more attention to the needs of the company’s employees. Because business owners understand the important role of human resources. The issue of clean water for drinking purpose is also becoming more and more significant. Therefore, Aerotact has invested in a UV Sterilizer system provided by Delton for their factory in Tay Ninh.

General information of the project

Project’s name: UV Sterilizer for Aerotact factory


Time: February 2019

Location: Phuoc Dong Industrial Zone, Phuoc Dong Commune, Go Dau District, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam

Items: Supplying and installing UBK1 UV Sterilizer 80W to treat drinking water for employees


The problem of Aerotact

  •  Employees need clean water to drink while working
  • The quality of inlet water is not qualified enough to drink directly
  • Buying bottled water is costly and need storage space still it is not sure whether the quality of water is really clean
  • Buying bottled drinking water can cause plastic waste and environmental pollution
  • Other filtration systems on the market today are quite big and complicated, hard to install and maintain

Product apply

  • UV Sterilizer UBK1
  • Flow rate: 4m3/hr
  • UV lamp power: 80W
  • European standard, based on 96% UVT and 400J/m2
  • Reactor made by SUS316L
  • Pressure: PN10
  • Compact design, easy to install, UV sensor equiped

How did Delton solve the problem?

  • Disinfect, treat municipal water into potable water for employees of the whole factory
  • The outlet water after being treated by the UBK has been tested by Pasteur to meet QCVN06, ie bottled drinking water of Vietnam.
  • Cut down on costs of bottled water as well as space for these bottled water
  • Reduce plastic waste, protect the environment
  • The system is compact, easy to install, easy to maintain, does not take up much space due to the integrated design of the control panel. In addition, there is also a UV sensor to monitor the UV lamp.