September 14, 2020

How to deal with pressure tank problems

After a period of use, the pressure tank starts causing problems and your water pipe system meets many troubles such as inconsistent water pressure or no water at all. What should you do, and should you call a water engineering professional solution? Pressure tank problems can be difficult to fix, and the pressure tank often has to be replaced. Whether it is the pressure tank for household or business , Noticing the signs of pressure tank problems can help you prevent further water system damage earlier on.

In this article, we will provide common pressure tank problems and how to deal with them.

What is a pressure tank and how does it work?

The pressure tanks are an economical, simple and effective part of your pump system that will help extend your pump life and provide a good constant pressure and flow of water for demand in households and businesses.

Varem pressure tanks series – one of the most leading pressure tank manufacturer in the world

A bladder pressure tank contains water pressurized air and water separated by a rubber membrane. The tank is typically pre-charged with air at the factory. As water is pumped into the pressure tank, it compresses the air in the tank until it reaches a preset level. When you open a tap, air pressure in the tank pushes water throughout the pipe system until the pressure falls to the preset trigger pressure. When the tap is turned off, pressure raises until it is restored to its default shut-off level. Depend on the demand, the pressure tank size can vary in size from 5L up to 3000L.

The pressure tank performs several important functions:

  • Maintains a desired range of water pressure in the pipe system.
  • Minimizes pump cycling, preventing frequent starts and stops which can shorten pump life cycles. Protect pumps from motor burnout, sudden power failure or other system components from damage.
  • Protects against water hammer.

How long can a pressure tank last ?

Nowadays, bladder pressure tanks are the most common pressure tank type that we can buy for our demand. We will provide you with a few factors that can find out how long your bladder pressure tank lasts.

First, the pressure tank quality. On average, a bladder pressure tank lasts 5–7 years.   If the water is clean and the tank is properly sized, a high-quality pressure tank can last longer eventhough they’re generally warranted for five years.

Due to a series of technical measures designed to obtain a product with superior features, the Aquavarem range of pressure tanks have 5 years warranty.

The pressure tank life also depends on the water quality from the pump system. If you usually have rocks or sand in your water, the sediment will rub on the membrane in the pressure tank and create a hole.

Your tank like can be wear down by cycling time. The pressure tank is aimed for limiting the pump cycling with a layer of air above the water in the tank. If there is frequent or rapid cycling, the membrane in the pressure tank could be damaged.

What are common pressure tank problems?

 Common pressure tank problems

  1. Waterlogged bladder pressure tank problems

When the rubber membrane fails and water fills the pressured air space around the membrane inside the tank, the tank is waterlogged. You should replace waterlogged pressure tanks.

  • Identify a waterlogged tank by gently overturning the tank may. You can notice the difference in weight
  • The pump cycles on/off rapidly.
  • When you tap on the tank outside, it sounds different from those with a proper air-water balance.
  • When you press the central pin of the air-charging valve, water exits through the charging valve.
  • Rusty water runs out the faucets due to corrosion inside the tank.
  1. The pressure tank problem related to the air charge inside the bladder pressure tank

Compressed air may leak out of the pressure tank due to a perforation of the cylinder, the valve is not closed tightly, or the installation is incorrect. Losing air inside the tank will cause the membrane to be over expanded that can lead to premature membrane failure. Beside that, air losing will maximize pump cycling, which may shorten the pump life. To fix this pressure tank problem, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you have the technical ability to do so safely; otherwise, hire a expert to fix your pressure tank.

  1. Faulty Pressure Switch

The pump motor is turned on/off by a pressure switch inside of the pressure tank. When the pressure in the tank reaches a pre-set minimum level, the pressure switch will cause the pump to switch on.

During operation, pressure switches can meet numerous problems. They can be blocked by debris or become waterlogged. They can also burn out. If any of these problems causing, the pressure switch will fail to switch on the pump, As a result, the taps in your system will soon fail to receive any water at all.

Troubleshooting guide for pressure tank problems

In some pressure tank problems, the only option is to replace the components which are broken. However, depending upon your particular issue, an professional engineering solution can offer different approaches. The common ways may involve:

Replacing new rubber membrane when the rubber membrane fails

  • Adjusting or replacing the pressure gauge
  • Replacing new rubber membrane
  • Installing a constant pressure valve
  • Replacing the exhaust valve, compression valve
  • Replacing the water filter
  • Putting in a new filtration system
  • In case you identify a faulty pressure switch, you can ask a well-experienced technician to resolve the problem by simply installing a new switch.

You should choose a high-quality pressure tank from trust brand for long lasting life

Please note that the pressure tank problems can lead to your pump failure. If problems occurs, you’ll need a well fixing or replacement. And to better meet your needs, the engineering solution can recommend a larger capacity unit of pressure tank to avoid problems.

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