August 26, 2020

How to choose a suitable water purifier

Nowadays, the water purifier is become an essential appliance for our home. On the market there are many brands of water purifiers as well as various advanced filtration technologies. All are committed to giving the best quality so that many customers don’t know which option works best for their needs?

Let’s take a look at this article to get useful experiences and find the answer for the question above.

1. Why do we need a water purifier at home?

Water is a basic human need. We need water to survive, and can only live for a few days without it. All water contains some level of impurities, minerals, and contaminants. These contaminants have been studied and The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines acceptable limits for more than 90 contaminants that may be in drinking water and pose a risk to human health. They at low levels may not damage you, but if the levels of certain contaminants get too high, these water pollutants can cause short-term and long-term health effects.

Tap water is currently one of the common water sources for home use in Vietnam. According to The 2019 Population and Housing Census, the percentage of households using tap water in Vietnam is 52.2%. This water after going through many stages of treatment at the water plant is guaranteed to be a clean and safe water for drinking. However, when it goes from the treatment area to the households, water is easily contaminated with bacteria, contaminants (soil, rocks …) and heavy metals due to broken water pipes, water pipes leaking, rust piping system. In addition, there’s a residue of chlorine to protect the water on its way to your home but that can cause water to smell or taste like chlorine and cannot solve this problem by boiling water.

People living in rural areas frequently drink water pumped from a private well. However the groundwater is seriously compromised by industrial and agricultural exploitation activities, this well water source is often seriously polluted by chemicals, heavy metals and microorganisms.

Besides that, boiling water is the way that many people choose to disinfect water for their families. However, the water can only be safe in 2-3 hours after boiling because after that, water easily re-contaminated from the air.

Therefore, water purifiers are becoming an indispensable household appliance in every household. This is considered the most effective and economical solution in providing clean and safe water for daily needs.

Almost water from taps is not safe to drink directly

2. Factors to consider before choosing the suitable water purifier for your family

Check the quality of water

Let’s answer this question first: Is your water a public water system which has been supplied by water treatment plants or is it groundwater (from a well pump system) or a mixture of both?

If the water comes from a water treatment plant, the TDS (Total dissolved solid) may be low and you need to only protect your family from microbiological impurities like bacteria, viruses and remove the unpleasant taste from chlorine. On the other side, if your water is groundwater supplied by a pump system, there may be a higher level of TDS such minerals, heavy metal, algae, turbidity, colour, and other microorganisms.

Common water purification techniques

After you have the answer, the next step is considering water purification techniques. There are different types of water purification techniques, however, we will introduce for you 3 most commonly water purification techniques which have proven its suitability for household use.

– Filtration (Activated Carbon Filterssediment filter…)

A common filtration is the activated carbon filter. The main function of this filter is to remove free chlorine from water and unpleasant odor of water. Besides that, there are some special filters, for example, UEBERALL’s filters  use highly compressed Activated Carbon Block that can remove substance larger than 5 micron. This kind of filter is seldom used alone but as a complementary filter with other water purification techniques like UV purification and RO purification.

The UEBERALL UV sterilizer 

– Ultraviolet Purifier

UV purification is the best option for inactive pathogenic bacteria (salmonella, typhoid, cholera, dysenteriae, etc.) and viruses without removing essential minerals that are available in your potable water. UV purification is the most eco-friendly way to purify because it does not add any chemical to your water and it does not waste water. Also, UV technology is a popular solution for industrial water purifier.

Inside a Reverse Osmosis Purifier

– Reverse Osmosis Purifier:

The RO technology can be used in home and commercial water purifiers. RO purifiers remove harmful impurities through its semi permeable membrane. RO filtered water may taste flat because reverse osmosis removes almost essential minerals from your water. If TDS level in your water is above 1000 ppm, you may need to use this purifier.

Water storage capacity:

You should consider how much water you need to meet your family daily requirements. Choose a water purifier for home according to your family size. A water purifier with a capacity of 5 liters won’t suffice a family of six members.

Power supply (Electricity)

This is also one of the important factors that you need to ensure before choosing a water purifier, especially in Vietnamese rural homes where power supply is unstable. If your area has frequent electric outages, the best choice is a water purifier with storage which works on gravity rather than electricity.

Inquire about maintenance cost and after-sales service

A water purifier, whether UV or RO or a multiple, needs regular servicing and replacement of critical components. Service & maintenance needs are different depending on the water quality, which means the worse the water quality, the more frequent the service required. So you need to check the service availability in your area before you buy a water purifier. The best option is choosing a professional provider which has deep experiences in fluid and engineering solutions

3. Multi Barrier Water Purifier UV4ALL – The perfect choice

The most common water purifier in the market is the multi water purifier which combines 2 – 3 water filtration technologies to take advantage of strengths and limit weaknesses. So, it can provide clean and safe water to consumers. One of the outstanding water purifiers in Vietnam market is Multi Barrier Water Purifier UV4ALL from one of the world’s leading water treatment equipment manufacturer – UEBERALL.

Established in 1967, UEBERALL is a famous German company that stands for quality, innovation, and reliability in water treatment equipment market. They have provided more than 7.000 UV sterilizers to various industries, including Marine and Offshore.

Multi Barrier Water Purifier UV4ALL – The perfect choice

Unlike normal water purifiers, UV4ALL is impressed by the combination of advanced technology, German quality and easy installation. UV4ALL provides three effective German-Engineered water treatment steps: Particle Removal, Chlorine/Chloramine Removal and proper Bacteria Kill. The whole machine is made of stainless steel with user-friendly design.

This purifier is full equipped with the antibacterial silver ion filter cartridge, the highly compressed activated carbon filter, the powerful 20W UV lamp, the UV sensor and monitoring system which help control the quality of UV lamp. Especially, it has the flow rate greater than 17 liters / minute.

Besides that, UV4ALL eliminates 99.994% of bacteria in the water that is certified by TUV SUD (The internationally accredited organization). The filtered water meets the QCVN06 standard of the Ministry of Health and is totally safe for drinking. With these advantages, UV4ALL is suitable for the needs of households, businesses, restaurants, cafe shops…

If you want to choose UV4ALL machine for your home or business needs, please contact Delton Solutions for advice and answers promptly!

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